Oh Lord, purify me, make me a chalice in which you dwell, offer your sacrifice in me and spread your love through me. Let me shine like gold, adorn me with the jewels of virtue that I may always be open to you. Fill me. Overflow me. Let me be like that most perfect vessel, the Singular Vessel of Devotion, She to whom I cry for protection against the Evil One. I ask this for your glory, for the vessel is nothing without the sustenance inside, the cup nothing unless it is filled. Oh Lord, purify me.

Give me a word, Abba

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


"She's almost brighter than the sun
Seems to me to be unfair
When you consider everyone
Who pales when they compare."

So says the lyrics to the Relient K song "Candlelight" from their album "Forget and Not Slow Down." Ever since I've heard the lyrics, I've always thought of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I doubt it was their intent, but there you go. At Mass on Sunday, I noticed these two statues of angels holding lit candles. During the Consecration, the servers lined up in front of the altar with their torches, candles and incense. Everyone seemed to be serving the King with light...

Consider this: God is Light....Jesus Christ...Light from Light. We are all made according to the image and likeness of God. We are all in our own way lights. "You are the light of the world." We each have our own light to offer God. In heaven, we shall worship him each to our full capacity...at our brightest. Even here on earth, we must accept our duties. We must our candle, no matter how small, forward and if the world will not see the light as it is, then they will not, but we must continue to carry, by the Grace of God we will carry our part, our torch and eventually present ourselves to the King.


Paululus said...

Hey! This is a good song. I like the Flare (Outro) that follows, but I never really payed much attention to the words, which are similar. Now I'll think of the BVM when I hear it- good work!

Nate said...

Like I said, I doubt it was their intent, but I'm not averse to finding new meanings in art.